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dealing with the insurance company

July 16th, 2009 at 09:41 am

So I got a claim from my secondary insurance for an ultrasound I had in May saying I still owed $109.75. However, I had the same exact claim from February that they had paid in full. I called to ask why I had to pay this one and they told me that someone had processed that first claim wrong and now I am responsible for paying for both. So I now have two $109.75 bills instead of just one. They also said that most of my other bills(i.e. hospital delivery, amnio test, doctor bill for delivery) won't be covered until I pay my outrageous $6000 deductible. They have paid for all my lab work though before I started paying my deductible so I don't know how they figure out what they pay and what they don't. With my first son I had they same primary insurance but a different secondary but everything was paid in FULL without usse having to pay so much as a penny.

2 Responses to “dealing with the insurance company”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Seems odd that you have two bills for the same amount. Is it possible the primary insurance just wasn't notified of this bill? Maybe they will pay. Good luck either way.

  2. lilmama Says:

    well I had an ultrasound in Feb. and in May so they cost the same amount. The primary already paid $300 on each bill.

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