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Bills paid for the week

June 6th, 2012 at 04:30 pm

I usually pay the bills on Friday when we get paid, but the truck payment was due today so just paid everything.

415-truck loan
15-to cap. 1 c.c.
57-to cap. 1 (#2) c.c.
94-to citi card
95-best buy c.c.
100-gas for both cars for the week.
This will leave us $80 spending money for the week. Should be easy since all I need from the store this week is pull-ups and milk.

Had to take out $75 from savings to pay the cell phone bill I hadn't budgeted for (since I thought it would be free) plus used the $50 I was going to save from groceries to help pay for it. A little frustrated because that's the 3rd time this week we've dipped into the savings , but very grateful we have it for when we need it. I don't know what we would do if we had nothing at all in the bank. Oh well, at least all our bills this week went to paying down debt...and we didn't add to it!

It's been almost 2 years

May 30th, 2012 at 11:30 am

Well it's been a few years since I last blogged and boy have things taken a turn for the worst. I know right before I stopped blogging, I was talking about dh possibly being laid off. Well it happened. He was laid off for eight months and then the same company hired him back on but for less pay. During that time, not only did we blow through most of our savings but we also racked up a ton of credit card debt. It's been a real struggle but we really need to try to get back on the right path. We've also used way too much money at the casino. When we first moved here, we used to always win and now all the casinos are so tight that no one is winning. With the layoff and dwindling savings, I think we were a bit desperate for something to happen, but we just blew through more money we didn't have to waste. Now it's time to put our chins up and try to do the right thing.

The worst part of it all though, is that we are now going through a short sale/foreclosure process. We bought out house in 2007 for $186,000 and now it's only worth $79,000. With dh's paycut and no more overtime and with us losing our babysitter so I can no longer work, things are pretty tight and there is no way we could make our mortgage payments.

all kinds of updates

January 12th, 2010 at 10:45 am

Well it's been a few months since i've updated my page. My youngest is now 7 months and a whoppin 22 pds.! My how time flys.

December was pretty good to us. We put an extra $400 towards our best buy card and we were able to put $1200 in our savings, thanks to my hubby's xmas bonus. We didn't spend too much on christmas, just around $150. We bought our oldest a few toys and i got hubby some new shirts and a pair of jeans from j. crew, his favorite store. Luckily we have a big outlet mall here and all the clothes were 60% off. That store is way too expensive to shop full price. My wonderful parents sent two full boxes of presents for all of us. My son now thinks his nana is santa claus!

January hasn't been too bad. So far we have added $211 to our savings. Our goal for the year is to cut back on as much excess spending as possible and try to save save save! Usually work is pretty slow for hubby at this time of year since he's a heavy equipment operator, but he's been lucky and not only kept his 40 hrs. a week, but has put in 16 hrs. of overtime so far this month.

We're now waiting to do our taxes. We have hubby's w-2 and our mortgage statement, but I don't get mine 'til the 21st. I estimated on hr block and it said we should get a little ocer $2900 back, so I'm hoping it's pretty accurate.If so, we need to use $1000 to register our cars with the dmv and put new tires on one of the cars.

Our computer is starting to slow down and our washer and dryer are getting a little louder, so these are things that will need to be replaced within a year or two. We figure we will use them until they just about die because I'm not excited about dishin out the money for new ones. Our appliances will be paid off in November, so if we need to get new things we will put them on our best buy card with 18 months no interest. We have plenty in savings to pay for these things but it makes me feel much more comfortable making payments, since theres no interest. As long as we keep enough in savings to pay it off if need be, I don't feel bad about using the credit card although I know some people would disagree with me.

We've done much better on our eating out these past two months. We had been averaging $200 a month on eating out, but the past two months have been around $75. It's still not great, but much better. We have, however, been spending more on groceries. I used to try to stick to $100 the first week of the month, then $50 a week after that. We now spend $80 a week. I do include diapers and household stuff into this, and i guess with two kids we don't do too bad.

The only things we've done to the house is get a new computer desk and chair. We did get them on clearance at office max and spent $150 on a small dark wood desk and brown leather chair.

We are planning to take the kids to disneyland next spring. The kids will be 4 and 2, so they will be old enough to enjoy it. I know some of you have recently gone to disneyland and I'm wondering about how much it costs so I can try and save throughout this year so we'll be ready to go next year. I'm thinking about $1500-$2000? We'll probably go for about 3 days and we'll drive since we only live 5 hrs. away.

Well i think that about sums it up. Hopefully I won't wait so long to do another update.

workin on paying off the credit card

November 3rd, 2009 at 09:44 am

We took our boys to get their pictures done on Friday. We were only going to go and do the $8 package so we would have pictures to send to family. Well they took such cute pictures that we wanted to get more than just one pose. We ended up getting a 20x24 mounted and framed wall collage, a cd with all the pictures plus the copyright so we can print pictures anywhere, and 12 full sheets, including 2 calenders and 2 collages, all for $330. They lady did give us a discount though. She took $100 off the wall mount, $30 off the cd, and then 25% off our whole order, and she didn't charge us the $80 for the collages. However, I still felt guilty spending that much money just on pictures, no matter how adorable.
We decided instead of buying family christmas presents, we would send them pictures instead. Both my family and his were fine with this and since we had budgeted $300 for presents, it pretty much equalled out.

Well while I was feeling guilty about spending so much money, I figured we get ourselves into these situations by keeping too much money in out checkings. I like to keep an extra $1000 or so in case something comes up, or they decide to cut hubbys hours all of a sudden but it seems like we tend to use it by eating out or buying clothes or something for the house. I decided to start only keeping $100 extra in checkings and then if something comes up put it on our emergency c.c. and pay it off at the beginning of the month with extra income for that month. Hubby agreed this was a good idea.

Earlier this year we bought all new stainless steel appliances at best buy with their 18 month no interest credit card. We have until next December to pay it off but we are hoping to pay it off sooner so we can start paying down our Suv because hubbys work car is about to give out and we don't want 2 car payments if we can help it. Well we took $500 from our checkings and put it towards our best buy card. This left us with $150 in checkings after paying for the pictures. I know we wont dig into our savings for misc. expenses but we will only if hubby's winter hours get cut and we need it to pay bills with. However, I think by puttin excess money to the credit card, we will be able to stop "wasting" money on things that aren't necessities. My in-laws are suppose to pay us back $100 of the $800 they borrowed from us on Wed. and I will put that to the c.c. too. Wish us luck sticking to this plan and not going back to our old ways!