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Bills paid for the week

June 6th, 2012 at 04:30 pm

I usually pay the bills on Friday when we get paid, but the truck payment was due today so just paid everything.

415-truck loan
15-to cap. 1 c.c.
57-to cap. 1 (#2) c.c.
94-to citi card
95-best buy c.c.
100-gas for both cars for the week.
This will leave us $80 spending money for the week. Should be easy since all I need from the store this week is pull-ups and milk.

Had to take out $75 from savings to pay the cell phone bill I hadn't budgeted for (since I thought it would be free) plus used the $50 I was going to save from groceries to help pay for it. A little frustrated because that's the 3rd time this week we've dipped into the savings , but very grateful we have it for when we need it. I don't know what we would do if we had nothing at all in the bank. Oh well, at least all our bills this week went to paying down debt...and we didn't add to it!

Frustrated with T-mobile

June 5th, 2012 at 08:05 am

Last time I called t-mobile they offered me a promotion that if I renewed my 2 year contract that I could have 1 month free service in May. I went ahead and did it because we had no plans to drop our cell phones anyway. Well I got my May bill last night and was still charged for the service. When I called to ask them about it, they said they had no record of it and it's not something they could offer me. They said I have to write a letter to customer relation and then they can review the tape recording. Hopefully they won't say this was lost too. On top of that they charged me for unlimited text messaging when I told them I didn't want it. They said they would take it off my contract but I still had to pay for this month even though I didn't use it. Very very frustrated with T-mobile. Out of 10 years of service, this is the first time I've ever had a problem with them.

First time shopping at Winco

June 4th, 2012 at 11:29 am

Winco just opened up here a few months ago but unfortunately it's on the other side of town, about a 20 minute drive. I had coupons for the buffet at the hotel next to Winco though, so we figured we would make a morning out of it. The four of us went out to breakfast, which ended up being free (coupons for dh and me and the kids we automatically free)and then we went to Winco and I was completely blown away by there prices. If it was closer to home I would do all my shopping there. Here are just a few things that I got:

.98- 12 pks. shasta cola
1.99-24 case of water
1.48- 2 lb. strawberries
.99- tortilla chips
3.98-20pk. coca-cola
.48-hot dogs
1.28-artichokes(never seen them this cheaper, ever)
.98-ground beef
3.98-3lb. bag boneless skinless chicken breast
3.98-1 lb. shrimp
2.48-1 lb. tilapia
2.49- 1 lb. roast beef lunch meat

I also stocked up on other things such as peanut butter, syrup,fresh veggies, butter, cereal, juice, eggs, ect. but can't remember the prices off the top of my head. Overall we spent $125.00, and since it wasn't in our budget this week, we had to take it out of what we had in our savings but I'm ok with that because A) we used it for something we needed instead of throwing it away at the casino, and B)we used cash instead of sticking it on the credit card. I should have plenty of groceries now to get me through the next two weeks. All I should need next week is milk, bread, and some pull-ups, so I'm going to try and put
fifty dollars from the next paycheck back into savings instead of buying more food.

Other than that, the only thing we spent money on this weekend was beer, margarita mix, and charcoal to bbq at home, but that came out of our weekly spending money.

cheap meals?

June 1st, 2012 at 11:02 am

I'm pretty good at cooking cheap meals such as stir frys, sheperd's pie, hot dogs, pasta, salads and things like that but it gets kind of boring eating the same thing over and over. Anyone have any different ideas? I have $50 budgeted for groceries this week and already on the list of things I need are: cat food, milk, bread, eggs, cooking oil, fruit, and lunch meat. I do, however, have free coupons for a frozen pizza and ritz crackerfulls! Plus I have plenty of frozen chicken in my freezer.