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Vacation went wayyy too fast

August 12th, 2009 at 09:33 am

So we returned from our vacation on Saturday and everyone had a great time. We took the kids to Monterey and the beach for the first time. My oldest had such a blast and didn't want to come in from the water but the little one didn't like the sun or the wind too much. Lucily he slept almost the whole time but we had to hold me A LOT. Luckily with my parents and sister with us we had 3 extra sets of hands to help with the kids so everything went very smoothly. We came in way under budget. We planned to spend $1200 and only spent $700 for the whole trip which was really awesome. Most of it though is thanks to my parents. They paid for some of our dinners out and when we were at my moms she always cooked for us...which was just as good as eating out. When you cook every night it is so nice to have some one else doing the cooking, plus it always seems to taste better when your mama makes it. We didn't go out as much as we thought, instead we had friends and family come visit us at my moms house which was just as fun. Me and hubby had wanted to spend a day by ourselves but the little one didn't let that happen.I am breastfeeding him and he refused to take a bottle and would just cry and cry until I held him. However, it did save us a few hundred dollars by not going out of town. Well with the extra money we used $300 of it on groceries when we got home because our cabinets were bare since we were trying to save grocery money before we left for our vacation. We should be stocked up for a month now besides milk, eggs, and fresh fruit. We also sent flowers and chocolate to my parents as a thank you for all their help, which cost about $50. So overall it was a wonderful vacation and we are already starting to plan one for next summer.

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