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car repairs-$411 down $600 to go

September 22nd, 2009 at 09:40 am

Well my hubbys work car needed some work done to it. We've known for a while but we thought we would just wear it out and then buy a new one at the end of the year. My hubby dreams of having a brand new truck. We have decided though that we don't really want another car payment since his car is paid off. We have decided to pay my suv off first and then in 3 or 4 years get a truck. As much as he wants one, he really hates having extra bills. So we took the car to the auto shop on Sat. and they put a new axle on, did an alignment, and one new tire. The total came to $411.08. We now need to go chane all the fluids, spark plugs, oil, and air filter which they said would be about $600. Since we've done a lot of extra spending and lending these past few months our checkings is about maxed out so we had to use our savings for the $411. luckily when i went to check our mail that day we had a $190 surplus check from our escrow account which i will put back in our savings. Next month we get an extra paycheck since it's a 5 wk. month. I will use $220 to put in our savings so we'll be back to where we were and then use the rest to pad our checkings again. We use our checkings for paying bills, entertainment, extras, and emergencies. My hubby will also get his quarterly profit sharing check and we will use that to finish the car repairs. Anyways, i am very glad hubby brought up the subject of holding on to his car so he won't feel like it's my fault he didn't get his truck. I would much rather spend $1000 on repairs than $15,000 on a new truck and worry about another bill.

I don't know if you guys get these but where I live we can buy these coupon books for $20 and you get 3 free oil changes but $10-$15 on most auto services plus $20 off if you spend over $100. Besides the $90 we saved on oil changes we also saved:$20 for spending $100, $15 off alignment, and then $15 off each fluid; trans., brakes, radiator, and power steering. So this $20 coupon book just saved us $185. Not bad!

1 Responses to “car repairs-$411 down $600 to go”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Coupons like that one are the best, they lead to great savings! Another reason for keeping the older car (aside from the car payment) is that insurance is usually cheaper, as well! Good luck on keeping the older wheels safe and reliable...

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