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shopping and car refinance

July 13th, 2010 at 08:01 am

Well we decided to refinance our SUV. We had a 16.49% interest rate and now we are able to get a 9.1% interest. We put $1000 down and we decided to keep our payments exactly the same but we knocked an entire year of payments off so instead of 4 years we now only have 3 years left now. We did take that money out of savings but I feel it was worth it since it's going to pay off debt.

I absolutely love the outlet mall that we have. It's about 45 m.in. From us but we go down there every few months to check it out. When we went this last time I stocked up on shirts and shorts for the boys at old navy and the childrens place and everything I bought was under $4. I found a bunch of cute tank tops at gap for myself that were a whopping $1.50 each. I buy all my pants at american eagle because it's the only place I can find them small enough that fit right. Usually their about forty dollars but I found a pair of jeans and a pair of capris on sale for $15. At bath and body works I only spent $20 but I got 3 air fresheners, 2 hand soaps, a lg. Vanilla candle, a perfume, and bubble bath. I love when I can get a good deal.

Now we are trying to save for vacation. Next month my SIL is bringing her kids to my in-laws in san diego and we are going to meet her there for a week and take the kids to the beach, lego land, and whatever else we can find. I am hoping to save $1000 between now and august 13 so we don't have to take any out of our savings. This Friday we'll be at $275.

5 Responses to “shopping and car refinance”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    The San Diego Zoo is awesome. You might look into going there. Smile

  2. Miz Pat Says:

    Gosh - Which San Diego zoo are you visiting?

    The Wild Animal Park is also a real kick.

  3. lilmama Says:

    That sounds like something the kids would like. I'll have to ask MIL if it's close to her

  4. Miz Pat Says:

    I think its actually in Escondido, but might be an easier ride if she's outside the downtown area.

  5. Jerry Says:

    Nice job on being able to get that interest rate down by a good amount! One other possibility is to shop around for car insurance rates every year or so, that can lead to savings, as well... have a great vacation!

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