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Bills paid for the week

June 6th, 2012 at 04:30 pm

I usually pay the bills on Friday when we get paid, but the truck payment was due today so just paid everything.

415-truck loan
15-to cap. 1 c.c.
57-to cap. 1 (#2) c.c.
94-to citi card
95-best buy c.c.
100-gas for both cars for the week.
This will leave us $80 spending money for the week. Should be easy since all I need from the store this week is pull-ups and milk.

Had to take out $75 from savings to pay the cell phone bill I hadn't budgeted for (since I thought it would be free) plus used the $50 I was going to save from groceries to help pay for it. A little frustrated because that's the 3rd time this week we've dipped into the savings , but very grateful we have it for when we need it. I don't know what we would do if we had nothing at all in the bank. Oh well, at least all our bills this week went to paying down debt...and we didn't add to it!

2 Responses to “Bills paid for the week”

  1. Jerry Says:

    That is frustrating with the mobile phones, I totally get it. Our bill last month was almost twice normal, because my wife was traveling and we needed to talk (like, seriously NEEDED to talk, for safety and actually arriving at her destination) so we were hit with roaming changes. In this part of Europe, the companies really stick it to you. I really miss having the insurance of a set bill like we had in the States.

  2. http://customcollegeessays.com/blog/world-history-essay Says:

    In order for you to have savings you need to review all your expenses and regularly replenish your savings so that you have such a stock.

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